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The JOÃO CABRAL GONÇALVES & FILHOS, LDA., Was founded in 1991, it is a family business. Its founder, John Cabral Gonçalves, has maintained its management and over the years, there was a need to give life to other projects, with the creation of new companies, and has been in large part the nature of them family.




At the beginning of its activity, JOÃO CABRAL GONÇALVES & FILHOS, LDA., is dedicated above all to property development and construction.




Since 1995, the company bet clearly in the building, with the main customers; Turbinela Ltd., Lubrialta Ltd., Visituris SA and Dark-Sun SA.




There was an increase of activity in property development, fostered through the creation of enterprises specialized in this activity continues to be the helmsman founder member.




The success of this company and affiliates, are the result of the dedication of its founder, its employees and a long experience in the real estate market this team. The quality of products built, the supply of new lines and architectural use of innovative materials granjeado the company has a strong presence in the market and respect in the industry.




These facts contributed to the large projection of the company posting it currently among the leading companies in the Region.








«More than two decades to build up the history of Viseu.»




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